Membrane separation Plants

DUE MILJØ project engineer, manage and delivers MEMBRANE separation PLANTS for treatment and recycling;


DUE MILJØ has developed and delivers own patented membrane separation Plants for Fragmentation and Separation on molecular level of Biomarine proteins and oils, FracSep®;
  • Stick water refining plants for e.g. fish, skalldyr for proteins with high quality/ low energy consumption.
  • Silage/hydrolysate refining plants for biomarine raw materials to specific high value peptides as ingredients for substrats, feed and foods - FPI.
  • Oil refining plants; effective and mild removal of FFA – low cost bio diesel possible - FFA (link).
  • Oil rinsing plant for unwanted compounds incl.; toxins (PCB/dioxin), stearin, colour. - PBT link). See EU and USA requirements for oils (link)
  • DHA Omega 3 marine oils extracting from known and new sources (novel food).

DUE MILJØ deliver customer specific membrane separation plants together with our principal’s incl. SUEZ – world leading in membranes for industry (link), Membrane Extraction Technology (link) - specialized within OSN membranes and Complete separation Resources (link) building complete membrane plants. Our suppliers have cutting edge technology within several areas and references from over 400 different applications of membrane separation.

Send us your refining REQUEST for suggested solution or an offer:

Biomarine oil (link)
Stickwater/Hydrolysate (link)
Another liquid stream (link)

The membrane separation plants are mainly based on membrane technology (ED, RO, NF, UF and MF). We have experience from many areas incl.; water, milk- and fish protein, peptones, blood, acryl amid, fermentate, natural/marine oils, lignin. We deliver industrial plants of 1- 100 m3/h with higher yield and lower energy consumption than usual.

Membrane plant for protein refining from marine stick-water/ensilage developed and delivered to Bodø Sildoljeindustri (see "Video Testimonial" below). CUSTOMERS include also Alpharma, Atlantic Biotechnology, Blue Wave, Borregaard, Marealis, Maritex, Pronova Biopharma and TINE.

Legislation for foodstuffs/oils
The required legislation applicable in Europe and the USA are:
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