About Us

Food, Feed and Liquids, Process Industry and Pharmaceautical Industry
DUE MILJØ creates value by Developing processes and delivering Solutions for membrane filtration with unique Molecular separation, Environmental technology and Process equipment.

DUE MILJØ is a Norwegian pioneer in biotechnology and liquid separation for the Process and Food Industry. The company develops and delivers sustainable membrane and separation Plants, and creates value for Seafood, Dairy, Process and Technical / Chemical Industry. In addition, we aslo create value in the Development and marketing of patented Biotechnology processes.

The company’s history dates back to 1890 and the name DUE MILJØ was established in 1990. Since 2020 DUE MILJØ has been a part of the Eagle Group and  a subsidiary of Eagle Technology. This has enabled us to widen our scope and with our partners we offer Development and Engineering as well as turn-key Plants and supplies to our customers.

Our main product areas

Clean Technology
Development and Engineering
Total Plant and Supplies

Company Structure



DUE MILJØ is located in both Halden and Stavanger, Norway with sales, management and R&D resources. Norcape Biotechnology is a subsidiary of DUE MILJØ located in Bodø, Norway. 


Focus Area

The company is focused on development of unique and sustainable products to three main industries: Food, Feed and Liquids, Process Industry and Pharmaceautical Industry. 


Eagle Technology

DUE MILJØ is working closely with it’s parent company Eagle Technology. Main office is located in Halden, Norway, while production is located in Zepce, Bosnia. The production facility in Bosnia is responsible for production of DUE MILJØ’s products.  



DUE MILJØ is run by Goran Klaric – CEO, Kent Moberg – CFO and Roy Moberg – Chairman. The company is fully owned by Eagle Technology AS. DUE MILJØ is fully integrated with the parent company and in total it is a very strong set-up in the market.